[Mgs] Window crank

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Wed Sep 14 09:04:24 MDT 2022

You can see if it is the runners or the mechanism by winding it half-way 
up, then seeing how easy it is to pull the glass up further by grasping 
it.  Because of the lost motion in the mechanism it should rise about an 
inch or so.  Then wind the handle further to 'catch up' the glass.  If 
the glass is easy to pull up then that is not the problem, and if the 
handle is stiff then the mechanism is the problem.  Or vice-versa.  Or 
both.  One cause of stiff glass is if the rear channel has been pushed 
too tightly onto the glass, slacken the channel fixing screws and ease 
it back a little.


On 14/09/2022 05:45, Michael MacLean wrote:
> I have broken the plastic window crank several times trying to roll up 
> the driver's side window.  Where is the best place to lubricate the 
> mechanism?  Or, is there an adjustment I can make to the mechanism to 
> take the pressure off the window crank?
> Mike MacLean
> 69 MGB GT

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