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I installed an MGB engine in an MGA back in 1969.  What I discovered was that the stock MGB exhaust manifold being dual pipes would hit the steering shaft, so I used the stock cast iron MGA exhaust manifold.  And used all the stock MGA exhaust as it was already in place. 
I don't recommend using a non-stock header on an MGA or MGB as they allow more heat to escape, and the carbs are on the same side of the engine as the exhaust.  On hot days, in traffic, a header can add a lot of extra  heat to the engine compartment, which is the last thing you need. 
Stainless steel exhaust does create noise that some people say is not pleasant.  When I bought a new exhaust system for my '65 MGB I bought a mild steel one from Rimmer in the UK.  
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I recently acquired a 59 MGA with an MGB engine.  The exhaust pipe and muffler need to be replaced.
Not sure how to tell if it has an mga exhaust manifold or an mgb manifold or how to tell the difference.
I found an MGA stainless steel exhaust pipe and muffler at a really good price.  Will if fit?
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