[Mgs] 1967 MGB for sale in Idaho

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Fri Mar 18 16:00:47 MDT 2022

Are we talking an MGB GT  or roadster?

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Subject: [Mgs] 1967 MGB for sale in Idaho

Any interest in a partially restored 1967 MGB for sale? Last year, the
owner sold me his excess spare parts he collected over a number of
years. This morning he wanted to sell me his 1967 MGB "stalled
restoration" Power train is installed, new tires. Needs brakes, wiring,
fuel lines, and interior installed. He wants $2500 which looks like a
good price if the body is in the shape the few pictures indicate. If I
had more garage space, I would take it on. But I need a larger shop first.

Location is Kooskia, Idaho (USA) which is fairly remote and likely still
under snow cover. I am about 80 miles downriver but I might make the
scenic drive as weather permits to investigate further. So if
interested, let me know and I will provide contact information.

David Councill

64B, 72B

67 BGT almost roadworthy with newly rebuilt engine


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