[Mgs] Mgs Digest, Vol 176, Issue 4

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Tue Jan 25 01:22:04 MST 2022

Er, which one - high or low :o)

Forward is main beam, middle is dipped, pulled back is main beam flasher.

It could be that the fault is in the wiring from the dip-switch out to 
he headlights and has damaged both the main switch (which is what you 
indicated previously) as well as the dip switch.  But only one beam 
working could be coincidental.

How about the gauge lights and rheostat?  There are two types of 
rheostat - the original which seems to be of a printed-circuit type, and 
more recently a wire-wound type.  The former get damaged if there is a 
short in the gauge lights, they still work but dimmer than before and it 
has to be bypassed to see the difference.  The latter are more robust.  
The former have a very smooth operation, the latter a bit scratchy.


On 24/01/2022 20:22, dave northrup wrote:
> Update - used a wire with an inline fuse to test connections.  Parking 
> lights work and headlights work in one position only.
> The dipper switch on a 72 - is forward high or low?  Thats the one 
> that works

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