[Mgs] No Turn Signals

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Thu Apr 21 04:25:25 MDT 2022

Doesn't have to be 'Chinese', Lucas green boxed items are no better 
unless you can get NOS.

Replacement hydraulic brake light switches have been bad for a long time 
now as internally they are completely different to the originals that 
had self-cleaning contacts.  When my roadster original failed after 
about 40 years the replacement lasted barely a year before the lights 
became intermittent and dim.  I got that replaced and have used a relay 
in the circuit ever since and no more problems.  Subsequently I fitted a 
mechanical switch to get the benefit of the lights coming on as soon as 
the pedal started moving instead of having to wait until pressure 
started building in the hydraulics.

However North American spec cars from Mk2 onwards used a mechanical 
switch on the pedal cover.  The only problem I've heard about with those 
is not being crimped together tightly enough and they spring apart, but 
only one report.  The contacts seem fine. RHD didn't get those until 
rubber bumpers, and my almost certainly original V8 item is still good 
(so far!) after nearly 50 years.


On 21/04/2022 10:27, h.duinhoven at planet.nl wrote:
> I have a Chinese variant of brake light switch installed last year.
> I wonder how long that will last…
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