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dave northrup dave at ranteer.com
Mon Apr 18 09:30:32 MDT 2022

If you want to do a really deep dive, and learn a tremendous amount about automotive electrical systems, before the digital era, build your own loom.

I did it on a 67 Datsun Roadster, which is very similar to the pre smog MGBs.  It took me untold amount of time, but if you want to really understand electrical systems, this will do it.  The learning curve was the biggest consumption of time.  I started by tracing each wiring system on a separate piece of paper.  That really helped me understand wiring.

Electrical systems are actually pretty simple once you get over that huge hump.  Power to fuse to switch to device to ground.  That’s it.  of course, finding the exact wire can be tough.

I ordered all the correct color wires (except for things like an electric fan which I added) from https://www.britishwiring.com and attempted to follow the wiring diagram as closely as I could.  Every single circuit has its own fuse.  Yes, I added a 12 fuse fusebox although I didn’t use them all.  Even  used the old style glass fuses.  Headlights, parking lights, blinkers, etc.  And every device has its own ground, each lamp, each item has a separate ground.  I used twist ties initially to hold the wires together, then tie wraps.  After all was thoroughly tested, I cut off the tie wraps and wrapped it in quality tape.  Looks and works great.  Absolutely no electrical problems since then.

And no, it doesn’t make sense from a cost or time perspective.  But wow do I understand the electrics on that car.

Now I’m doing an MGA, and seriously thought about doing the wiring on that car.  But I could not find any way to duplicate the loom wrapping.  So I bought an original looking harness.  But it will be easy to do!
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