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	Something you don’t know, unless you have owned the car since new, if if someone has messed with the wiring.  
	If you have two wires to the flasher and do not find an orphan wire up in there somewhere, that is what you have to work with. 
	Have you established that you have 12V to one of the wires on the flasher?  Paul said that the two-pin flasher is in series with the flashing signals, so 12V on one of them when the signal switch is right or left turning is required.
	While you are doing this work, ignition will be on, so be sure to disconnect one wire to the coil.
	Have you been able to establish that there is voltage to the signal sockets? 

> On Apr 17, 2022, at 7:32 PM, Michael MacLean <springer.mike51 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm confused. (nothing new) in trying to get my turn signals working I checked the wiring diagrams out for the early and late MGs.  In the wiring diagram for the early cars it shows a 3 pin flasher relay with a two fuse unit.  In the late MG wiring diagram it shows a two pin flasher unit and a four fuse unit.  Looking at my car (a 69) it has a two pin flasher unit, but the car has a two fuse block unit.  What the heck?
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