[Mgs] Removal of Oil Pressure Switch

Barney Gaylord barneymg at mgaguru.com
Sun May 30 07:47:58 MDT 2021

Been there.  For the later model MGB with 
recessed dash panel and limited space behind, and 
the console in place, Left Hand Drive, You may 
need to remove the large instrument next door to 
the left before you can get to the oil pressure 
gauge.  If you can't get to that iunstrument, 
then you may have to remove the next instrument to the left first.

Different model years have different instruments, 
and some of them may have been swapped in 
positions.  In a pinch, you may have to start at 
the left end of the dash and remove all of the 
instruments in sequence until you get to the 
smaller gauge you want.  Then reach in through 
the larger hole for access to the smaller gauge 
connections and mounting bracket.

Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly.

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

At 02:36 AM 5/30/2021, Michael MacLean wrote:
>How do I remove the oil pressure switch in my 
>1969 MGB GT?  I was reaching in from behind to 
>replace the old light bulb with an LED type 
>bulb.  Half of the LED  bulb broke off in the 
>gauge and I can't get it out while it's in place 
>in the dash.  Do I have to remove the whole dash?
>Mike MacLean

At 03:46 AM 5/30/2021, Michael MacLean wrote:
>It is the oil pressure gauge I need to remove, not the switch.
>Mike MacLean
>1969 MGB GT
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