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   I have assisted in engine-only engine removal, and know those who have done it both ways.   I have done only engine&gearbox together, a one-person job. 
   If friend really can remove all bolts, then the engine is slid forward off the input shaft to the gearbox, taking car that gearbox and engine are on the same plane, else clutch disc gets bent..   Installation requires similarly careful alignment. 
   To do engine & gearbox together, it is not necessary to remove carpet, and I have seen it done with console sections left in place.   Gearshift lever is held in with three bolts, easily accessible after the knob, boot and the chrome ring are removed. 

> On May 16, 2021, at 8:09 PM, S.Carr <britfan1 at epix.net> wrote:
> The workshop manual recommends removing the engine and gearbox as one unit.  Has anyone had success removing the engine while leaving the gearbox in place?  All bell housing bolts appear accessible, and a friend would love to not have to remove the console, carpet, gearshift, driveshaft, etc., to get the engine out--the head has serious problems, and he fears the block will too.
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