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Barney Gaylord barneymg at mgaguru.com
Mon May 3 10:07:53 MDT 2021

Lowering blocks raise the rear axle in relation 
to the springs, but do not change the spring 
height in relation to the body or chassis 
frame.  You can correct the ride height that way, 
but it will not correct the gross misalignment 
for the rebound straps (which are attached to the lower spring mounting plate).

If the rebould straps are close to taught when at 
rest, they you will be royally screwed on 
handling when driving.  It will pick a rear tire 
completely off the ground in a fast turn, causing 
severe oversteer (very dangerous condition).  And 
if you install longer rebound straps, you will 
get damage to the lever arm shocks from overtravel.

At 11:43 AM 5/3/2021, Robert's New iPad wrote:
>     I was pleased with the results after the 
> spring company suggested I remove a couple of 
> leaves from the new rear springs.    The owner 
> of the shop knew the original height of front 
> springs, as measured by the horizontal trim 
> strip, and my front was low too, though it was not down as much as the rear.
>    Two spring companies I have talked with 
> about this told me that they do not work with 
> automobile springs any more, and that 
> after-market spring quality is quite 
> variable.  Spring shops around here work with commercial vehicles.
>    One can make small lowering blocks, 1/2” 
> thick, from the poly-plastic cutting boards 
> sold in kitchen sundry department at Wal-Mart.

>On May 3, 2021, at 11:24 AM, PaulHunt73 
><<mailto:paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com>paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com> wrote:
>>The high rear end after spring replacement is 
>>common and is part of the 'too hard' thing 
>>needing extra weight in the boot to get the rebound straps fastened.
>>Personally I wouldn't jack up the front to 
>>match the rear, people spend inordinate amounts 
>>of time and money trying to lower MGBs!  What 
>>you could try is lowering 'blocks' between the 
>>axle and the springs, as used with parabolic 
>>springs, but may need longer U-bolts.
>>Even with new OEM rears my CB roadster was too 
>>low when fully laden, bottoming and grounding 
>>in country lanes, I ended up extending the rear shackles.

>>----- Original Message -----
>>3 years ago I got an MOT safety test fail on 
>>the sagged rear springs, so these were replaced.
>> From that moment on the car looks a bit like a 
>> dragster with the rear higher than the front.
>>So I should look for replacement front coils.
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