[Mgs] Suspicious email

Dan DiBiase dan.dibiase at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 07:12:33 MDT 2021

I think it's safe to say that any email or text requesting a gift card is
going to be a scam. I get texts occasionally purporting to be from my
broker asking me to go out and buy gift cards because 'she's tied up in a
meeting'. I sometimes play around with them, but mostly just tell them to
f*** off and block the number.

Dan D
'76B, '65B project probably going to sell (but not for gift cards)
Central NJ USA

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> I've had an email from someone with a name I recognise in the MG world,
> asking for help, and when I asked how he sent another asking me to buy and
> send a gift card to someone with liver cancer, and he will reimburse me
> later.
> I won't mention the name in case it might be genuine, but there were a
> couple of aspects in the emails that made me suspicious, so I politely
> refused.
> PaulH.
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