[Mgs] cloth wiring tape

Barney Gaylord barneymg at mgaguru.com
Wed Feb 17 18:22:23 MST 2021

Pretty sure alll MGA had cloth braid covered harness.  Early cars had 
black rubber insulated wires with color coded cloth braid on each 
wire.  Later production cars had PVC insulated wires with the color 
code molded into the plastic insulation.  All of them were them had 
the outer cover woven on outside with the yellow stripes wovwn into 
the cloth.  Never was any kind of tape wrap with stripes as original 
(not cloth or plastic).

At 09:56 AM 2/17/2021, dave wrote:
>Has anyone found a source for cloth wiring tape with the yellow 
>marks like on MGA's?

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