[Mgs] MGA 1500 Front Brakes

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Take the drums of the front brakes off and verify for any leaky save cylinders. 
If a cylinder has leaked, the brake shoes are contaminated with brake fluid, causing bad brake operation.

So ordering brake cylinders is a good idea, but replacing any brake shoes which have been in contact with brake fluid also is important. 

Hope this helps.

Hans 71 BGT

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Some times you just get stumped! This is one of these times.  My 1500 MGA is pulling to the rt like the left fronts are not even working, sort of. 
Run down the road and not even step on the peddle hard and the car goes right rather hard.  Here is what I’ve done. First, made sure the adjusters are one click back from full on. Ck. Still same result.  Took off the drum cleaned with brake cleaner, even though all looked good, same result. Bleed the front brakes a good amount, same result. Clamped both wheel cylinders to ck movement of each. Both are moving. The front brakes were fully redone everything mid last summer. Put all back together, same result. Iv’e ordered new cylinders and will replace when arrive. Any other ideas??? 



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