[Mgs] water leak

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I hope your thermostat will keep on working correctly.


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Funny you should mention that.  One of the things I wanted to do was flush
the engine.  I tried and tried just short of destroying the housing and
cannot get it off!!!!!!!


There is NO way it is leaking!!!


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Check the thermostat housing for leaks as well. I had to replace the gasket
last winter.





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I'm thinking the water pump has failed?  Here is where water is dripping


Short history - car was running and driving; we took the engine out to work
on the transmission; life got in the way; a few years later we put them all
back in (and, peripherally, there was a problem with the clutch fork so we
had to pull it again!!!!  looking for a little sympathy . . .)  got it back
in, started it up, and getting a steady stream of drips right here.  and
there is a bit of a racket coming from the front of the engine.


Am thinking the seals in the pump dried out.



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