[Mgs] water leak

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Fri Oct 9 09:30:57 MDT 2020

Could be the gasket, or a hose etc.  IME when the pump seal fails coolant is flicked off the pulley and round the engine compartment.

But if standing idle with no coolant for some time then yes could be seals.  Take the fan belt off and spin the pump - coolant or noise?  Same with the alt.  The run it without the fan belt and see if the noise is there or not.  Depends on the noise but the fan blade grommets could have perished, does the fan wobble about?
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  I'm thinking the water pump has failed?  Here is where water is dripping out.


  Short history - car was running and driving; we took the engine out to work on the transmission; life got in the way; a few years later we put them all back in (and, peripherally, there was a problem with the clutch fork so we had to pull it again!!!!  looking for a little sympathy . . .)  got it back in, started it up, and getting a steady stream of drips right here.  and there is a bit of a racket coming from the front of the engine.


  Am thinking the seals in the pump dried out.

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