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'Wensday' US, 'Wedn'sday' UK.  
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     Do you pronounce it wed-nes-day or do you say wens-day? Yea, its a bit too quiet and my MG is running fine so I'll report on my other LBC (while tastefully avoiding using the T-word).

  Good morning Friends, 
     Yes, its Wednesday again here on America's south coast. This morning I hope to do a bit of engine room cleaning in advance of installing some new brake bits. With the brake failure safety light switch (I can't remember the proper name.) and a few pipes removed for repairs, the area where they mount is now open for cleaning. Usually that spot is cluttered with pipes and wires making it difficult to clean. Add to that, its immediately below the brake and clutch master cylinders so paint damage from brake fluid leaks and spills is not uncommon. This morning I hope to tidy that area, then spray a bit of Carmine Red paint over the discolored surface.
     Parts are on order to replace a few damaged bits. Access to the offending parts is from below so the car, now on jack stands, needs to go further up. That work is easy enough but does take a bit of time and planning to guarantee a safe and secure car position. If I'm going under there, it has to be secure.
     Before today's shop work begins I need to stop at the hardware store for a bolt (whose length isn't in my inventory) and a plug to seal an unused fluid port. That's about it. Given a little meterology luck, I may come home in a more interesting car. We shall see.
     Happy Wed-nes-day...or is it wens-day?




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