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The only part of the early grille that overlaps the edge of the bonnet is the badge in the center. Often it has so much clearance behind it that the finisher strip might well squeeze in there. 

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> 'Grille', even, unless it doubles-up over hot coals :o)
> A pal had a 72 and the PO had replaced the recessed grille with a chrome slatted, leaving the bright strip on the bonnet.  How much butchery had to be done I don't know but that PO only had it a year.  RB conversions fit the chrome stalled as well, so I'm guessing there isn't that much difference in the aperture. 
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> Are MG grills interchangeable?  I have a 72 grill on my 68 GT & want to replace it.  The original is the most expensive.  I was thinking a 1974 grill, maybe.
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