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PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Tue Jul 23 01:27:03 MDT 2019

"Even if newish"

The newer the condenser the more likely they are to fail, if it's been in years it's probably fine, I've never had one fail in 50-odd years.

The condenser doesn't just reduce points burning, that's just a side-effect.  It's primary purpose is to boost the spark at the plug by setting up a high frequency oscillation with the coil to generate multiple sparks at the correct time.  Without it plug firing is greatly reduced and retarded.  Have a look in the back of the Leyland Workshop manual, I assume Bentley is the same.

Having just had the pumps changed anything could have happened, take the lids off the float chambers and see if there is any muck in there.  Before messing with anything else run the float chambers out (fuel pump electrics disconnected) and jury-rig a container with some fresh fuel.  

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  could also be a bad a condenser. Could coincidental, not causational. How old is the condenser? Even if newish, ...
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