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could also be a bad a condenser. Could coincidental, not causational. How
old is the condenser? Even if newish, there are lots of crappy new Lucas
parts out there. I had three bad ones with similar results, until replaced
with  a Distributor Doctor HD condenser.
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> I've never encountered a "bad fuel" problem before, so I'm looking
> for some confirmation (or not).  The local Mom-without-Pop store put
> in new pumps, and one of the things they're offering now is 92 octane (US)
> alcohol-free gas.  I had about a quarter tank in my MGA (w/MGB high
> compression engine) so I went to fill up.  The pump with the alcohol-
> free gas was out of order!  So I put in three gallons of regular 92
> octane, and about 1/4 mile from the station started experiencing a lot
> of misfiring, mostly when accelerating in 3rd and 4th.  I continued
> driving like this for about 20 miles to see if it would clear up and it
> never did.  I can't imagine it's anything but the fuel, but I've never
> encountered "bad fuel" situation like this in 44 years of driving.
> The fact that it started about 1/4 mile after leaving the station seems
> like pretty good evidence.  Any other possibilities?  Is there any option
> other than to just burn through this half tank of gas?
> Thanks!
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