[Mgs] Battery drain

Barrie Robinson barrob at bell.net
Wed Jul 17 13:45:51 MDT 2019

Hello folks,

After leaving my MGB GT V8 for a few days - maybe 4 or 5  I find the 
battery is completely flat.  Did that 3 times.  So I took the battery 
out, charged it and waited 3 days.  The voltage dropped from 13.15V on 
Sunday 3pm to 12.91V 3pm Wednesday which does not seem to indicate that 
it is the battery's problem?    I did have a radio fitted but cannot say 
if it was after that that the battery went flat.   So any tips on how to 
find out what is going on would be appreciated (and thank you in 
advance) - I will try to disconnect the radio but that is a pain - I 
have to find the special tool to slip it out !!!!   But surely if the 
radio is off (blank screen) it should be /off./ By the way my new $$$$$ 
radio with windscreen mounted antenna cannot bring in 91.5FM or 99.1FM, 
the only stations I listen to because they do not have adverts.......but 
my cheap $ new portable one can get them inside my car !!!!!

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