[Mgs] Oil Additive

Steven Trovato strovato at optonline.net
Sun Jul 7 18:55:37 MDT 2019


I wasn't really addressing anything but the ZDDP 
additive mentioned in the original post.  I do 
agree, though, and I do not use any additives.  I 
suppose I might consider it for a specific problem like you mention.


At 06:14 PM 7/7/2019, Richard Lindsay wrote:
>Additives do nothing, or less, for healthy 
>engines...except for the zinc stuff being 
>discussed. However, there are additives that are 
>Bandaids for weak or damaged engines.
>'Restore' has something within that swells 
>leaking valve stem seals, allowing a few more 
>smoke-free miles from a high mileage car. 
>Evidence: My son's zillion mile E-class Mercedes 
>when in highschool, two decades ago.
>'STP', of all things, adds just a bit more 
>viscosity to the straight 50 weight oil in my 
>150k plus Land Rover, lending a bit more 
>pressure at hot idle. Read: The oil light no 
>longer flickers at idle in 100°F traffic.
>Right or wrong,

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