[Mgs] Oil Additive

Steven Trovato strovato at optonline.net
Sun Jul 7 16:00:04 MDT 2019

I figure that oil companies have put together a 
package where all the detergents and other 
components play nicely together.  Since oil is 
available that is appropriate for old cars with 
enough ZDDP, I'll let the company be responsible 
for the whole package and not mess around with 
it.  When Castrol made their Syntec 20W50 "for 
classic cars" I used that.  When they 
discontinued that, I switched to the Mobil 1 
15W50.  It is easy to find at a good price at 
Walmart.  The Valvoline is a fine choice as well.

-Steve T.

At 11:50 AM 7/5/2019, FrankK via Mgs wrote:
>There was a great deal of  discussion here 
>regarding the use of different oil to compensate 
>for the lack of ZDDP in oil these days.  I 
>didn’t see anyone include a discussion of the 
>practice of adding ZDDP to oil that is lacking 
>in it.  There are several sources where it is 
>available and I have availed myself of it and 
>added it to my  Castrol 20-50 when I change the oil in my 80 MGBLE.
>Is there a problem in doing this in lieu of using Valvoline Racing Oil say?
>Frank Krajewski

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