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Valvoline VR-1 full synthetic is available from https://stores.advanceautoparts.com/


Free shipping after $25, which is 3 quarts and arrives in about 3 days.  Has lots of zddp.  Been using it for years.  And we autocross the car.   Highly recommended along with WIX filters.


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I don't claim exhaustive knowledge about all racing oils. Valvoline VR1 is primarily made for racing, and I'd call it a specialty oil. Not something I've seen on the shelves at local auto parts stores. The most non-specialty oil I've seen is Mobil 1 15W-50, with an API classification SN, that has 1200 ppm zinc, and isn't recommended for extended use in cars with catalytic convertors. 



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Sorry, I don't agree unless you see Valvoline as a specialty motor oil supplier.


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As classifications change, old oil formulations become obsolete, the appropriate oil for flat tappet engines has become pretty much the product of specialty oil companies like Royal Purple, Driven/Joe Gibbs, Red Line, Lucas, and Collectors Choice (Moss).




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I've been reading up on it to refresh my memory.  A lot of folks just take other peoples' word for it.


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Only certain weights. You have to read the labels, or usually the spec sheets. 



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I assume all those brands include the correct ZDDP proportions./ 


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Right, but there are other brands. I use Mobil1 15W50. Others use Royal Purple, Joe Gibbs, Kendall or AMSoil brands. 




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