[Mgs] Oil Additive

Charley Robinson Charley38 at twc.com
Fri Jul 5 16:26:18 MDT 2019

Why raise your cost by adding an additive when there are oils that 
already have the zinc?  I use VR1; all the local auto parts stores have it.


On 7/5/2019 10:50 AM, FrankK via Mgs wrote:
> There was a great deal of  discussion here regarding the use of 
> different oil to compensate for the lack of ZDDP in oil these days.  I 
> didn’t see anyone include a discussion of the practice of adding ZDDP 
> to oil that is lacking in it. There are several sources where it is 
> available and I have availed myself of it and added it to my  Castrol 
> 20-50 when I change the oil in my 80 MGBLE.
> Is there a problem in doing this in lieu of using Valvoline Racing Oil 
> say?
> Frank Krajewski
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