[Mgs] links not working

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Sun Apr 28 13:04:17 MDT 2019

On 4/28/19 5:51 AM, James Schulte via Mgs wrote:
> Tried to donate via PayPal but no button to start it showed on my 
> Samsung S10e. I will try my laptop.
> Jim
> Mgs at autox.team.net
> Donate: http://www.team.net/donate.html
> Suggested annual donation  $12.75
> Archive: http://www.team.net/pipermail/mgs
Odd, it works fine for me, click on the Paypal button and went right to 
the Team.Net donation page.  No typo in it like I had in the listINFO 
link in the original message.  Sheesh.


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