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Thu Apr 25 16:01:59 MDT 2019


That's not an unusual practice.  Many do that all the time.  My local 
Brit garage is set up as an MG parts supplier but gets most of his parts 
from Moss.  The Little British Car company do the same.   When I sold 
Evinrude outboard motors in Borneo we used to buy Mercury spare parts 
because they were cheaper than the prestigious Evinrude - they were both 
the same engine only branded differently.

On 4/25/2019 5:43 PM, Richard Lindsay via Mgs wrote:
> Hey Friends,
>     I just received a shipment from Victoria British. Its a TR6 coolant
> pipe from the water pump back to the rear of the head, for the heater.
> The fun bit is that the V.B. 2-792 part number sticker was placed over
> a Moss 865-080 part number sticker! That's a fun if puzzling
> discovery.
> Rick
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