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Certainly the factory design overall is the compromise you mention, and as said earlier the settings are chosen for a 'worst case' in what can be quite a large variation between engines, plus a safety factor.  But given the components that come with any particular engine (of our era) 'tuning' can only consist of setting the timing and the mixture, and for those there is only one 'correct' setting.  Get those right and you will have the best performance and mileage, and by 'right' I mean right for your engine and fuel.  That may well mean more advance than book as I found, which gave improved performance AND mileage, with no engine unreliability over the 6 years and 60k I had it..

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  You also have to realize that factory specs are a compromise.  They are trying to balance performance, mileage engine life and in modern cars, emissions.  You can tune it for, let's say  mileage, but performance will suffer.  Conversely, if you tune it for performance mileage will suffer.  Tune it the way you want it to run.
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