[Mgs] Team Net server notes

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Fri Apr 19 13:43:43 MDT 2019

Came home from work to find the old server dying.  But luckily I have 
been working on getting the new server up and running.  It isn't quite 
ready, but the switch has been made.  The email lists seem to be working 
as far as I can tell, but the archiving will take some more time to get 
set up.  And the web pages are hit and miss, some work, some don't.  I 
hope to get it all back to normal soon.

Well, not completely back to normal.  It had been taking 2 -3 hours or 
so for a message to come in and get sent out to the lists. It should 
take only a minute or two now, thanks to fresh hardware, updated 
software on a machine with twice the memory and a 50% faster CPU.  
Thanks to all those who made use of the donate link to allow me to get 
us a new machine.

So bear with me for the next day or two, hopefully no messages got lost, 
looking forward to smooth sailing.


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