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Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Wed Apr 17 22:58:44 MDT 2019

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Subject: 	I have a couple of questions
Date: 	Mon, 15 Apr 2019 19:29:09 -0700
From: 	Liz DuBois <ddubois at sinclair.net>

This is Liz, Dave DuBois' wife.  Dave passed away in late January but I 
have kept his email address 'alive' so people with fuel pump questions 
can be steered to someone who might be able to help them.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of questions.  I have a collection of 
magazines I would to send to a good home.  Where can I advertise these?

"The Sacred Octagon" from July 1974 through Dec 1987, plus Oct 1999 and 
April through Aug 2009
"MG Magazine", v.2 1980, v.8 1981-82, v.15-26 1984-1987, v.42 1992 and 
v.68 1998
"Enjoying MG" Sept 1987, Nov 1988
"Safety Fast" Nov 1983, Jan 1986, May 1987
"North American Classic MG", Issue #1 Winter 2001, #2 Spring 2001 and 
#14 2004
"Classic & Sportscar", Feb 1992
"British Car", Dec 1989
"Abingdon Classic" v.1, #1 Oct 1981
"Mowog Murmurs", Nov 1992

I also have two model kits...
Finecast 1/24 scale white metal Auto Kit, Ref A 018; 1950 MG TD
Revell Highway Pioneers series model.  1953 MG Sports car. H-52-79.  
Plastic model that has never been assembled.  Like new even if the box 
looks ancient!

Where can I advertise them?  I can send photos of the models.

Liz DuBois

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