[Mgs] Zone Garage

Barrie Robinson barrob at bell.net
Tue Sep 25 10:04:53 MDT 2018

  Hello Folks,

Has anyone got Zone Garage to put down a polywhatsit finish to the 
garage floor.?  They did my floor last Nov but it does not work very 
well.  The clear poly top layer is insufficient and it is a pain to 
clean off salt and fine mud.   The muck just gets into the gaps between 
the flake stuff.   I have tried to get them to rectify it but no joy 
what-so-ever.   I tried to contact the HQ but it is not listed anywhere 
- very strange and disturbing!!  So one cannot complain to big bosses - 
just to small could-not-care-less franchises.    In no way would I 
recommend these people.


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