[Mgs] 1973 mgb master cylinder

Hans Duinhoven h.duinhoven at planet.nl
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Just a thought about the shim:

It might be for preventing “rusting solid tight”. 

Brake fluid can cause serious scalding, i.o.w. it might cause serious corrosion.

Having a “shim” might prevent this.


For Paul:

The single cylinder brake mc I think is easier to swap w/o removing the pedal box, than the US spec tandem cylinder, which is longer.





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To be fair, and having done it both ways with both masters at various times and for a repaint, it's MUCH easier to get at the banjo bolts through the large plug in the firewall than it is to remove and refit those two bolts which are higher up behind the dash.


As said getting the lower nuts on the master cylinder is a fiddle, but again nowhere near as bad as those two bolts.  I wedged the nuts into an open-ended spanner and stuck the washer to them with grease.


And on the subject, anyone know the purpose of the thin shim between the single-circuit (not dual?) brake master and the pedal box?  It surely can't be to do with alignment.



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....  To get to the lower attachment bolt, you have to go through a hole in the firewall, right behind the master cylinders.  It is covered with a rubber "plug", and is not easy to get to...

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