[Mgs] Koni Shock conversion

Donald Joseph Toy dontoy at comcast.net
Wed Feb 14 06:38:43 MST 2018


Recently I posed a question to the group that was never posted. I don’t know if I sent it off to some unheard of email address but I never saw it appear here or did I get a response as I normally would. Regardless, my question was about installation of Koni shock conversion on my 1954 MGTF. I mentioned that the instructions provided were vague and the pictures were of poor quality. I wrote that once I get the old shocks off I would probably would be able to figure things out by the geometry of the parts. This happened to be the case. Side one went on with only snapping one of the u-bolts, side two not so lucky. The drivers side had much less room for the top of the shock. There was no way that I could fit the shock without making some adjustment. I had to angle grind a small section, yeah I know it hurt my heart too, of the angle iron that formed the bottom of the side curtain storage area. This allowed the top of the shock to move into position that would allow the bolts to line up. I had wondered if anyone had installed the Koni shock conversion and if they had any similar problems?

Donald Joseph Toy
dontoy at comcast.net
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