[Mgs] OT Shameless plug - Blues and Jazz

Steven Trovato strovato at optonline.net
Tue Feb 13 08:23:00 MST 2018


I believe it is Springfield, Missouri.  You won't 
be picking it up over the air if you live 
anywhere other than Springfield.  However, 
through the wonders of the internet, you can 
click on the link provided and listen to the 
station from anywhere.  I don't usually get my 
music recommendations from MG lists, but I really 
like this station.  Thanks to Scott for pointing it out.


At 09:16 AM 2/13/2018, Jack Wheeler via Mgs wrote:
>Hi Scott.  There are lots of 
>Springfields.  Which one is this?  Can we get 
>this station in Central NC?  Thanks.
>On Monday, February 12, 2018, 9:13:26 PM EST, 
>Scott Bonacker via Mgs <mgs at autox.team.net> wrote:
>There is a local low-power FM station here with 
>an all music format. They have a streaming 
>service and an app is coming up. Lots of 
>streaming listeners in Australia and New Zealand 
>they told me, surprisingly many.
>I found it accidentally when fumbling my radio 
>tuner last week. Hope you enjoy it too –
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