[Mgs] MGB Disappearing brake fluid

Hans Duinhoven h.duinhoven at planet.nl
Fri Apr 20 14:06:04 MDT 2018

Your 1980 MGB is equipped with brake power assistance.
I suspect there is an internal leakage in the vacuum box, wherein the brake
fluid disappears whenever you apply the brakes.

Another check is to look along the brake lines, calipers and drums, and see
if there is any wet spot.

71 BGT

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When I tried to take my MGB out of hibernation last Friday the brake peddle
when all the way to the floor.  Looking under the hood, I found that the
reservoir on the master cylinder was completely empty.  The whole system was
working properly when I put the car away last fall.  

I inspected the brake hoses and did not see any obvious leaks or signs of
leakage around the calipers.  I have not pulled the rear drums yet but there
was no sign of extraneous fluid from the outside.  Would a leak in the brake
booster cause this kind of problem?  The engine had a serious miss when I
first started it.

I refilled the reservoir on the master cylinder and it was still full after
the car sat overnight so I don't think that it is leaking.

Peter Schauss
1980 MGB


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