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Having lived with both wire wheels and disc wheels, my personal preference
is for solid disc wheels. The disc wheels do not require the maintenance of
wire wheels. Wire wheels are difficult to keep clean and are prone to hub
spline wear and spoke failure. Of course, it's also a matter of taste, so
you should do whatever appeals to you.

Moss Motors sells a complete soup to nuts conversion set to go from disc
wheel to wire wheels. With shipping it costs something north of US800.00. It
includes everything but wheels, tyres, and tubes. The wire wheel rear axle
is narrower than the solid wheel axle, and so the Moss kit has adapters for
the rear axles. You could source a complete wire wheel rear axle used. You
will still need to buy wire wheels; it's best to go with new ones. I think
you can get the standard 48-spoke painted wire wheels for US$1,000.00, or a
little more.

I would be wary of buying used splined hubs, as they are often worn out.



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> I need info about converting my steel wheel, drum brake wheels to wire.
> anybody help me with this?
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