[Mgs] clutch/trans question

Mike Duvall mike at duvallvideo.com
Tue May 30 16:50:47 MDT 2017

My 65B has started squealing when I push the clutch to the floor and it is definitely coming from the rear of the engine.  After searching,  the list it appears this could be a bad pilot bushing, a dry pilot bushing or a bad first motion shaft bearing.     The more I push the louder it gets and if I hold it down it just keeps squealing. After it warms a bit, the squeal improves.  I replaced the clutch a few years ago and I’m pretty sure I replaced the pilot bushing (but not certain-  I seem to remember renting a tool to do this).  

Any other suggestions? 

If I pull the engine how do I troubleshoot what the problem is?   

thanks,  Mike  

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