[Mgs] MG Repair shops along the I-70 corridor from St. Louis to Atlantic City, NJ

Robert J. Guinness guinness at stclegal.com
Fri May 26 14:31:53 MDT 2017

I am planning an epic back roads journey from St. Louis to the New 
Jersey Shore in my 1960 MGA (or as Barney Gaylord would say, " a weekend 
outing").  If the past is prologue, I expect a few mechanical set 
backs.  I plan to travel relatively close to the I-70 corridor, but 
avoiding limited access highways (think of the coffee mug tree in Yale, 
IL, the largest ball of paint in Alexandria, IN, the largest horseshoe 
crab in Blanchester, OH,//and Lucy the Elephant in Margate, NJ).  Can 
those on the list that are within 100 miles of this route either post or 
e-mail me with their favorite or suggested MG repair shops (100 miles is 
the range of my AAA towing service).  Many thanks and I hope that I 
never have to use your replies.
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Robert Guinness

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