[Mgs] MG-T and MG list

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Fri Jul 28 01:31:14 MDT 2017

The same thing has been happening to me recently (well, 'recently' taking 
into account how few messages there are on this list these days) - seeing 
responses but not the original post and so on.  A pal and I did all sorts of 
testing using the list but could not reproduce it.  In this particular case 
I have received what seems to be all the messages in the thread, so it's not 
a fundamental problem with the list not sending them out to anyone.  Trying 
to find the cause of individual messages not getting through would be very 
difficult as it could be anywhere between Mark's server and your computer, 
and trying to get one out of a series of computer support teams to 
acknowledge the problem might be in their bit is, in my experience, 


----- Original Message ----- 
>   This is the first message of any sort that I have received in months.
>   Hans'  email did not get to me, nor did any of the correspondence about 
> this 1100.
>  Can you sort things so I will receive again?

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