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By far the best way to determine a value in divorce is to agree whatever it is.  Wife and I couldn't agree and ultimately the judge accepted the insured values.  Even if one party had an appraisal, the other party doesn't have to accept the appraised value.

The judge was smart, fair, and facilitated an agreement.  He started off by picking and choosing, since my wife indicated they were a worth a lot more than the insured value, so we each picked two and I had to delivery the two.  When I asked by what date, he asked my wife if she would rather have them delivered or take cash.  She chose cash; he stipulated half of the insured value and it was over (especially since she didn't offer a value herself). 

Just a good caring judge made the difference.

If anyone is interested in more about this, please email me.

Steve Hughes
Gainesville, FL

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Help please!

I feel I know the fair market value for my cars - basically the priceI’d sell them for.  I also have them insured for a greater valuedue to the incremental way insurance is sold.   Wife thinksthey are made of gold.

I’ve owned LBCs for 35 years (not current cars) and done all workexcept paint.  I usually struggle through repairs but finallymanage.  

I think I know the best way to find the valuation is to hire anappraiser, but short of that, does anyone have experience or thoughts howto handle LBC valuation in a divorce?   

I have four cars, ‘72 MGB, ‘68 BGT, ‘73 TR6, ‘59 Minor.  Onesolution is to pick and choose -  I get two and wife gets two. 

TR6 and MGB drivable.  BGT & Minor not drivable.  Paint onMinor original; all others over 10 years.  Tires on all over 10years.  

Thanks for input (even humor).
Steve Hughes
Gainesville, FL 

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