[Mgs] Question on MGB Light Switches

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When I had that problem it was as simple as sanding the switch contacts to clean them of 30-40 years oxidation. Take apart and clean has solved a lot of problems.

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> I have a 1971 MGB that has a problem with the headlight switches.  Before I start replacing everything and hope for the best, I thought I would ask if any of you has had a similar problem, or can suggest a possible solution.
> When I push bottom of the light switch (on the dash) to the first position, the parking lamps and tail lights come on.  OK, so far.  When I push the light switch to the second position, the headlights come on with the low beam.  OK, again.  Now comes the problem.
> When I move the stalk on the left side of the steering column forward (toward the dash), the lights go off (i.e. no high beams).  If I pull this stalk all the way towards me, the high beams do come on, so the bubs are apparently OK.
> My first thought was that it may be the high beam/low beam and direction indicator switch located on the steering column.  Does this sound right?  Any other thoughts?
> And finally, if this is the case, is this switch available, and if so, do you have a source you would recommend.
> Thanks for your help.
> Jack Wheeler

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