[Mgs] Clutch master cylinder

David Councill dcouncill at karamursel.org
Mon Nov 7 08:32:38 MST 2016

Since I have my own question related to clutch hydraulics, I will answer
this one first and then post my question in another email. But in short,
there should be nothing rubbery. There is a plastic piece that fits on the
back of the spring and all that should sit on the back of the bore. The
rubbery piece is probably the 1/2" you refer to.

David Councill
64 MGB
72 MGB
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Yesterday I started to work on the clutch master cylinder for my project car
and ran into a problem.  The car is a 1971 MGB and the cylinder is an
unmarked Lockheed (no circles or stripes).  The rebuild kit is Moss 180-965.
The new spring plus the new piston plus the push rod will not fit into the
cylinder. It isn't even close -- Probably a half Inch too long with the
spring fully compressed. When I looked into the cylinder I can see something
rubbery at the bottom end of the cylinder down by the reservoir. Should
there be anything rubbery down there?  If not, could an old seal be stuck in
the cylinder?  Thanks for your help.
Elliott in Maryland

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