[Mgs] MGB 14W wiper motor

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Sat May 21 06:25:16 MDT 2016

Anyone changed the brush set on the 2-speed type?

I've had the same problem on two separate motors - when the motor casing is tightened up to the gearbox casing the armature binds very badly, I've had to put a small washer in one particular place to angle the two casings slightly.

With the second one I even refitted the old brush set and it ran just fine (the brushes ARE well worn and the motor has become very reluctant to get going after not being used for some time), but with the new one refitted it was binding again.

Also comparing the old and new brush sets although there is obviously significantly more carbon on the new compared to the old, the springs don't push the backs of the brushes to anywhere near the position of the old brushes, which means that although the business end of the new brushes do stick out further than the old brushes, it is only just further, so they won't wear very much at all before they fail to make contact.

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