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David.......if you like the looks of the banjo steering wheel, consider using an early MG Midget wheel.  It has two chrome spokes on the  radials instead of three, is an inch or so smaller in diameter, and is virtually indistinguishable from the original.  I did this on my 67 GT and no one notices the difference.  The boss matches but you'll need to do some shop mods on the original horn push button to make it work as well as create a threaded allen bolt hole to fasten it to the wheel.  Moss has them, but be sure to get the early one...the later midget wheel boss won't fit.  Phil Bacon67 MGBGT72 TR6       

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I have been restoring a 1964 MGB (my non-winter daily driver). It needed a steering wheel when I brought it back to life several years ago after it sat in the previous owner’s garage for about 30 years. So I purchased the original style (banjo) steering wheel since I have never had one in my many years of MG ownership plus I try to keep the cars fairly original. What I did not realize is how big they are in diameter plus I liked the feel of the smaller loaner steering wheel I had been using that belonged to my son. Having several MGBs, I determined my preferred steering wheel diameter to be 14”-15”, leaning more to 14” (13” being too small).
. The Styla brand looks good if I can find one at a decent price. I have now located a “Superior Performance” steering wheel that has promise but the boss is plain (no logo) and the seller is not sure it has the correct boss – and that could be a problem since I cannot tell what kind of boss might work if I had to replace it.
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