[Mgs] Fog Light Rocker Switch

Barrie Robinson barrie at look.ca
Sun Feb 7 09:18:20 MST 2016


I got some switches that were identical to my 
1970 MGB  ones from someone on the Continent when 
I was building my GT V8 several years 
ago.  Replaced all of my swirches.   I cannot 
find any data on my PCs but I think the name was 
Eurospares or Europarts or something 
similar.  They had some interesting stuff.   Mr Google will help :-)

At 10:31 AM 2/7/2016 -0500, dave willner via Mgs wrote:
>I’m trying to locate a chrome bezel Lucas 
>rocker switch for fog or driving lights for my 
>70 MGB. I’d like to move the under dash switch 
>to the center panel next to the Hazard and 
>replace it with a similar rocker?  Anyone know 
>of a supplier or have any ideas where I might try?  Appreciate it
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