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Well, those may not be good examples - TVR and Lotus have both gone in and out of bankruptcy over the years, as well as multiple owners. And yeah, while MGis no longer the same as it was under BMC and Leyland, there is a lineage there. Most of their intended market has no idea what they 'used' to be, anyway, andprobably wouldn't care. We are not part of their intended market.

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There are two situations.   The one where someone takes overthe company and continues with the product.  Examples are TVR andLotus.   The other is where the company is bought for itsbadge.  Example Bugatti,    Perfect view on thisstuck-on badge thing is Pierre Cardin whose name is on a whole host ofproducts which he never goes even remotely near.  He says ifyou don't know that he is  only into haunt couture then toughif you buy a product outside his domain just because it has his name ison it.   Putting a badge on an item does not do anything butpull in the punters - it does not magically change the product.

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> I would never ever buy one.  What in Satan's domain has it gotto do

> with MG ?? ... 

>                 ...So why buy an MG> that is only labelled as an MG.

What makes an automotive marque authentic?  You could arguethat
the 1100 saloon and the 1960s Midget aren't "real" MGs,either.
Does a ford need to be made in Dearborn to be a real Ford? Is
a new Bentley not a real Bentley because the company is owned by
VW?  Is any Cadillac made by GM (since 1909) not authentic?

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