[Mgs] MG GS

David Breneman david_breneman at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 1 14:59:51 MST 2016

 From: Barrie Robinson via Mgs <mgs at autox.team.net>

> I would never ever buy one.  What in Satan's domain has it got to do

> with MG ?? ... 

>                  ...So why buy an MG> that is only labelled as an MG.

What makes an automotive marque authentic?  You could argue that
the 1100 saloon and the 1960s Midget aren't "real" MGs, either.
Does a ford need to be made in Dearborn to be a real Ford? Is
a new Bentley not a real Bentley because the company is owned by
VW?  Is any Cadillac made by GM (since 1909) not authentic?

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