[Mgs] MGB Heater not working

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Mon Apr 18 08:04:46 MDT 2016

Hi Bert,  My approach would be to disconnect hoses to the heater at valve and at the pipe on other side, then to run water from a garden hose through the heater.  It should flow freely, possibly bringing a surprising amount of sludge along. Then put the hose to radiator, with the valve open, and check that water flows through the valve.    This will dilute the antifreeze mix--remember to correct it for winter season.  If water flows in these tests, try starting engine to see if the water pump pumps. You can run a minute or so, plenty long to test this, with coolant level low.Bob
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Well fellow listers, I haven't seen any messages here for a long time, 
so here we go.

I rebuilt my heater some time ago because of a leaking core.
Not a very easy job, BTW.

The heater has been functioning correctly for some time, but now I can't 
seem to get it working any more.
What could be the problem?

Apart from the core, I also changed the heater valve and the fan. The 
fan is still working.

The car is a 1970 B Roadster.



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