[Mgs] Help with some door panel questions

Jack Wheeler jwheeler1947 at yahoo.com
Mon May 25 10:05:04 MDT 2015

I am replacing the door panels on my 1971 MGB, and have a couple of questions.  First, what is the secret for getting the plastic trim pieces that go around the inner door handle out, then back in?  When I took the old panel off, I had to break the masonite panel, in order to get the panel off, then the black plastic trim pieces around the door handle fell off.  However, with the new panel in place, I'm not sure I can figure out how to get these pieces back in.  Any hints? 

Second question.  I ordered new door panel mounting clips from Moss.  Part number 226-670 is a black plastic part that clips into the door panel, then pushes into the holes in the door.  I also ordered part number 226-675.  These are clear plastic, and appear to be something you would push into the holes in the doors.  Then the part number 226-670 would push into them.  My car did not have any of these on it (226-675).  It simply used the 226-670, and pushed them directly into the holes.  I'm wondering if the 226-675 pieces were used on an earlier model?  Should I be using these on my car?

Thanks for any help you can give me.  This has been a great group I have joined, and I really appreciate the help you have given me.  I will try to return the favor sometime.



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