[Mgs] question about steering rebuild

Clayton Kirkwood crk at godblessthe.us
Mon May 18 20:04:31 MDT 2015

When I hit the road in my 62 II deluxe, especially on bumpy roads, I get a
lot of rumbling , clunking and shaking. She goes down the highway smoothly;
no veering and only above 70 do I start to get some shimmying. I am planning
to put in a major suspension kit and steering bits in on my 62 II deluxe. My
rack seals are fine, I will put in new tie-rod ends. I am interested in any
input about other parts that should be replaced. I am thinking specifically
about any steering ball parts, or shims. Suspension springs front and rear,
rebound buffers. Although there is no problem that I am aware of, I am also
thinking of putting new bearings in. This is because I don't know how long
it's been since any of these steering and suspension bits and pieces have
been replaced and because I am going to be there anyway. Seems like shocks
shouldn't normally need replacing, but is there any reasonable R&R (I expect
draining and replacing with some kind of oil, but should shims be put in
under the internal spring?)? Pushing down on a corner of the car tends to
bounce more than modern shocks.


Any input welcome and helpful to all:<)))





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