[Mgs] tappet question (Clayton Kirkwood

John Di Fede difejo at optonline.net
Sun May 17 19:37:18 MDT 2015


When set properly, he feeler gauge should be snug and yet able to slide
between the valve stem the rocker arm without binding.   Setting the
clearance too tight may prevent the valve from closing completely, too loose
and the valve will not open completely.  

I think a SLIGHT tapping nose in the valve train is OK.

John DIFede

1973 MGB   

When I went to reset the tappet clearance, I found the old settings rather
sloppy. I reset them so that the gauge was snug - it slid in but it
definitely tight. Which is correct? I know that it makes a difference on
performance and full combustion. Yes, I did the checking while hot.





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